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Design Gold is an Australian company based in The Gold Coast, that specialises in creating unique and modern Jewellery, in-house. We have been creating jewellery not only for our own clients but also for clients of some of the elite retail Jewellery shops of Australia since 1991.


      Having trained in Europe, UK and the sub-continent our master jeweller Vas Dharmawardane has over 35 years of experience blending traditional techniques with modern technologies to create bespoke jewellery.


     We cater to all styles and budgets. Each design comes in a range of prices since the price of jewellery largely depend on precious stones and the precious metals you choose.


     Every masterpiece is hand made in house and comes with a GIA certificate, an independent valuation and lifetime workmanship guarantee.


     Enjoy the journey you take with us from creating 3d computer model to wearing one of the finest piece jewellery for the first time. 

Jewellery Making Process

Vasana Process 1.001
Vasana Process 1.003
Vasana Process 1.005
Vasana Process 1.007
Vasana Process 1.008
Vasana Process 1.009
Vasana Process 1.010
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